Crazy Couple of Weeks!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the past couple of weeks I’ve been in RA Training. Part of the training was a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Here are some of the pics that my RAs took:

All 12 (Lindsey and Jamie are trying to peek over the wall)

Gleason Residence Hall and in the windows J-E-F-F

Ok, this one needs a story. One of the things to accomplish was to take a pic of was the staff with our Asst. VP, Dr. Heath and you got bonus points if he was wearing a Residence Life shirt. Well, Dr. Heath wasn’t wearing one, but Jeff was. So, how else do you solve this problem than have Jeff in his undershirt in the middle of the cafeteria? 🙂 Don’t know if you can see the brilliant shade of red I’m turning.
From right to left in the pic above, the names of the Gleason staff this year are Mike, Nicole (sitting), Kyle, Liz, Angie, Asst. VP Dr. Heath, Prajna, Jamie, Chris, and Joe. Missing are R.J. and Lindsey.

One Response to “Crazy Couple of Weeks!”

  1. jesusluvsrawk Says:

    cough cough missing the lovely photog amanda 😉 and jeff you took the first pic! good photo!

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