A few updates:

– Congrats to Lisa and Mike Garvey who added another bundle of joy to their family. We wish them lots of happiness and sleepFULL nights! A lot of awesome pictures can be found here: http://royaltoybox.blogspot.com/

– I got an interim promotion! The past two years I’ve been managing the RAs in one of RIT’s residence halls. Well, about two weeks ago, I was asked to move over to the apartment area and start supervising graduate students. In addition, the number of students that I will be helping with has increased a lot and the living situations they are in are more apartment style communities. I also will start overseeing students living in the RIT Inn and Conference Center and get to learn more about college students living in private housing. We’ll still be living in the dorms and won’t have to switch apartments.

I will definitely miss the RAs that I’ve supervised so far but as I’ve said a few times, I’ll still be around. I look forward to this great opportunity and to working with the talented new staff.

Upcoming posts should include pictures of the apartment with all the decorations, pictures of the holiday visits, and other updates from the craziness šŸ™‚ Hope you all are doing well!


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