A few updates for you:

  • I’m in Michigan with my mom. Was on the University of Michigan campus today killing time before her procedure at the U of M hospital. Almost bought a $40 set of Michigan themed golf club covers…
  • The promotion is official. I’m now working in the apartment area for RIT and with some great graduate students. It’s a lot different than the residence halls and will miss the good times there but it’s a great opportunity and look forward to making new “good times”.
  • The Pacifica hit 50000 miles on this trip. Almost in the same place that it hit 40000. Same country at least.
  • A traffic jam in the Michigan-Canadian border almost stopped me on the border line. Couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to take a picture. Still getting used to my new phone…
  • After here in Michigan it’s off to Atlanta for a conference:-) Looking forward to checking this place out which happens to be right down the street from the hotel.

Once I’ve got the camera function nailed down on my new phone, I hope to post more pictures from our travels. Hope things are well where ever you are reading this!



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