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This one is for the parents, the "St. Jude"ers, and the ACPAers

April 5, 2008

So back in Mrs. Champelleo’s (don’t think I’m spelling that right) third grade class, we learned about the 13 colonies. One of our assignments was to create a poster presentation on any of the colonies. Well, Jeffrey picked Georgia. If I remember the assignment correctly, we had to find out both present day (1986ish) facts and colonial time facts. Don’t remember any of them but I do remember thinking, “I’d like to visit this place.” Maybe it was the Coca-Cola plant?

I do remember, as with a lot of projects, keeping my parents up trying to draw an outline of the state.

Well, that thought of visiting came true more than 20 years later, and I did it with some very cool people. The American College Personell Association held thier annual conference down there this past weekend. Had a great time and got to reconnect with some old friends and colleagues. I was surprised at how many people in conversations mentioned they read this blog!

Some specific thanks and thoughts go out to:

  • Kathleen and Kristy from RIT who provided a ton of laughs and support.
  • Alex from RIT for putting up with my shaky sign language
  • The rest of the staff from RIT past and present who went including Mike D, Jen and Matt Hinton, Dr. Heath, Collette, Josh, Corey, and Carrie.
  • The Canisius Higher Ed Program Alumni for including me as a half member. Specifically Mary and Christina who I still owe a drink to!
  • The candidiates for positions at RIT who I enjoyed meeting and chatting with.
  • The NYU friends and alums who I wish I could have connected with more
  • Cha Ron, Sharon, and all the CAs for holding down the fort so that I could be gone for two weeks (conference + mom trip)
  • and to the RIT staff who helped me get to the conference