Since the last update…

Lots has happened since the last update. Here’s a brief recap:

  • The RITchie Experience- Working at a University provides you with a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t get in a normal job. These include shooting off a T-Shirt gun ( I think I posted pictures of that one) and being an announcer at a hockey game. Most recently, I got to dress up as the RIT mascot RITichie. Yep that’s me below. Thanks to Dr. Ward for a great picture. Also thanks to Nick and Melissa Ippolito for being my eyes and ears cause I really couldn’t see a darn thing!
  • I also have had the opportunity to see what some students get their hands dirty with each day from learning how pottery is baked in a kiln, to how a snowboard gets it’s edge, to how young deaf and hearing students learn, to how a forum gets on the internet, and to how a robotic arm and lung gets made. There are many more experiences that could be their own book but thanks to all the CAs and the RAs who have let me become part of their lives this year.
  • Congrats to Paul and Erin Zablocki! Recently they welcomed a very cute Olivia into the world!
  • Congrats to newly married Lisa and John Nolan!
  • My supervisor, Cha Ron Sattler, is right now, having what sounds like a great time in South Africa as part an educational trip through a student affairs organization. Continue to have fun down there Cha Ron!
  • Also congrats to Fr. James Kirkpatrick. Jimbo, an old college roommate and resident when I was a RA, was ordained as a priest this past weekend in Buffalo. While I was there I got to see some old college friends…
  • These college friends deserve their own bullet because congrats should also go out to Sean and Becky Berry who are pregnant and to Nate and Amy Jay who have raised two great kids, Thomas (8 years old) and Samantha (1 and 1/2). I’ve also got to throw Jerry J. into the mix for becoming a successful doctor out in Detroit.

There’s another long update coming but it will have to wait until next week.


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