LA Trip- Part 5- "No sir, we’ve never lost a car"

Right outside of our hotel was the Squaw Valley Cable Car. Bringing you from the base of the valley up to their “High Camp”. From here, there are some tremendous views including some of the lake. Due to the fires in the area, Lake Tahoe was tough to see but it didn’t cloud some of the great scenery near by.

On first trip back down, there were only a few people in the car. My dad pipes up with a great question to ask very high off the ground, “Ever lost a car?” The operation responds, “No sir, we’ve never lost a car.” On the second trip, the conversation went in a completely different direction. Keep in mind, it’s the same operator:

(After passing one of the towers) Operator: Be prepared for a small swing as the car passes the tower. (Side note: Yep, the car swings and it’s as scary as it sounds)

Random Person: So one of these cars ever drop?

Operator: Nope, the cars have never fallen.

Random Person #2: What about what happened in ’78?

(Now, I do ok with heights. Didn’t as a kid but after some of the jobs I’ve had, I’ve become ok. But the silence after this question was asked was way too long for anyone, fear of heights or not)

Random Person #2: Oh sorry man, didn’t mean to call you out there.

Operator: (silent)

Me: No really, what happened back in ’78?

Operator: Ok, so on April 15, 1978 we had an incident with one of the cars in which one of the cables dislocated from the tower and struck the car. 4 people died, 32 were injured including one who fell from the car. He actually only suffered a broken rib and was able to walk away thanks to snow breaking his fall (Side note- There wasn’t any snow underneath the car).

In continuing to tell the story, he stay selective with his words but tells some awesome stories of the rescue operations including one guy who actually walked down the cables to the car without any safety equipment but carrying rescue supplies.

And that will be the last time Jeffrey will be riding the cable car…

From 8600 feet above sea level, here are some pics from the two trips:


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