LA Trip- Part 7- "The Trip Back"

Not as long as the last one but still memorable…

12:17pm-Everybody welcome Stacy to the car.

So we pile in after Amy, my Dad, and I getting off our second cable car ride.

12:20- Still trying to figure out seats. Can’t find gps. We claim we don’t need it. Let’s see how this goes. Stacy asks the first “Are we there yet?”.

12:23- we’re off.

(cue crazy drive through the mountains)

2:16- Just got done with a little In N Out. Real simple menu but what I didn’t realize are all the secret items you can order. Check them out here. Stacy is now in the driver seat. Does she know what she’s in for?

3:34- Man, this is boring. No drama. Everyone is keeping their mouths shut. Quick stop Lodi, CA.

5:40- How can a McDonalds not have ice? Even with the 97 degrees outside, they don’t even have ice in the drive through. I move to the back back of van.

6:04- It took till now for the Spain family car to erupt into a political discussion.

8:15- Arrive at my brother’s apartment. It’s a nice place in a good area. The deli on the corner sells Coke products in the old glass bottles. Here are a few pics:


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