LA Trip- Part 1- "8 hours from now, Tahoe. But we need to stop at Starbucks"

I’m a big fan of Bill Simmons who writes for The ones I enjoy the most are his running commentaries on different sports events. So in order to survive the first time our family has been in really close quarters for about 10 years, I thought, let’s break out the blog and have a little fun. Without further ado, I give you the 494 mile adventure:

6:11- In the car. My dad already has the camera out. Just waiting. 8 hours from now, Tahoe.

6:21- Checking to make sure everyone has everything and we’re off…to Starbucks. Chris can’t find keys. Doesn’t worry about it. Thinks they’re in apt.

6:31- First seabrook quote. Can you smell the ocean yet? Spain Family Backstory: Every summer we’d pile into the car and drive to Seabrook, New Hampshire. That was 3 hours, this trip, 8 hours. We’re on the way.

646- the first mom “sisst” (sucking the air between her teeth). 405 has lots of traffic

656- Chris’s Ipod gets connected. Let’s just say we have different musical tastes. He’s a fan of the light stuff. I need something that has an actual drum track. At this time of day, I’m a fan of something that I can strum along to or belt out at the top of my lungs if it’s slow.

706- First fight in the car. Fitting that the song on at the time is The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel

710-Ipod given to me to change the song. Good move on my brother’s part. Calling my bluff.

716-Ipod given back because I couldn’t find a song that had a drum track. Admittedly, yes he does have some good music but I couldn’t find any in the 6 minutes I had it.

718-Pass a Smokey the Bear fire threat sign. It’s labeled “High”. You can tell that with all the dried grass and brush that just a little fire can cause wide devastation.

732-My Dad whips out my brothers keys. They’re in his pocket.

1030-Stopped for lunch and realized something about family “discussions”- there’s probably 20 different points that it could end if someone just let someone else have the last word

1122: There is a fly in the damn car. You try and you try but as you can never do that whole Mr Miyagi thing. And I’m using something a little bigger than chopsticks.

1143: We rented a van for this trip. I’m sitting in the 2nd row and just noticed the whole window next to me goes down. It’s not the typical crack open, it’s the whole window! Now I bring this up because I seem to be the only one in the car amazed by this. Maybe I’ve been sitting here for way to long…

1200: My mom’s first scream. I got to be honest, surprised it did come sooner. Huge truck goes from the right to left lanes cutting us off big time. My dad slammed on the breaks. She thought my dad should have sped up to pass him.

1233: We’ve been thinking that it’s just a hazy day but after rolling down the window we realize we’re closer to the fires than we thought. Lots of smoke in the area around central California/ It’s amazing people are living through this and breathing it in all the time.

1248: I finally driving! Knock on wood. Amy loses phone. Right in front of her. Chris makes fun of her.

1250: Chris can’t find phone. In his pocket. No comment

214- Arrived. Crazy drive through mountains. Can feel a big difference in air quality. The smoke combined with the altitude makes for an interesting breathing experience. You get used to it after a few minutes but you can definitely tell a difference. After we got there everybody scatters leaving me to clean up the car. Now I know how my dad felt after we got to seabrook.


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