Congrats to Brian and Jamie Manion

This past weekend I was briefly in Chicago for my cousin Brian’s wedding. Great time connecting with friends and family. It was a weekend of good chats, good drinks, and good times. Here are some pictures from the event…

The Manion clan. Thanks to the angle of the camera, Andrea, Patick’s wife, is blocked by Brian’s head. Andrea does though get a special thank you for taking me back to my swing dancing days and even teaching me a new move!
One of the pictures that didn’t come out was at the reception, the DJ pulls together a few of the Uncles, turns on YMCA, and dresses them up in costume. Hilarious moment that may need to be done at future weddings.
Alrighty so, this pic just shows a skyscraper. But, if you open it up you’ll see why I took it. During the walk around Chicago, we came upon some ropes dangling from a building and water on the ground. We thought, oh, cleaning windows. Then in looking up, they sure are cleaning windows, THEY’RE ONLY HANGING BY A ROPE! There’s no platform, no “at least I’ve got a piece of metal that I can stand on that seperates me from the ground”, nothing! Just a rope.

So I’m in the bathroom (Never thought I’d write about a bathroom in this blog) at the reception, and as I turn to look for the sink, I see this sign. This place from the 1900s has apparantly had some pretty important people do there thing there. Just an interesting way to say, “Yep, this bathroom has been here for a while.” A lot of history at the place and they did a good job with thier wedding reception.

So congrats again to Brian and Jamie! Thanks to both families for a great weekend!


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