August Updates

It’s been a busy month but wanted to get some updates to you all:

  • I’ve always wanted to take one of those before and after weight related pictures.  You know the ones where people are standing inside their own pants they used to wear.  To update on the weight loss, I’ve dropped either 4 or 8 pants sizes from a 42 to a 36.  The confusion comes from the fact that, while I do watch Project Runway and keep up with the “lingo” (Thanks Pratt), I have no idea if since they don’t make 41, 39, or 37, do those count?  Anyway, not quite ready for that pic but I’ve kept the size 42 pants and will be posting that one day.  Still got some work to go.
  • Amy has joined us back on the east coast.  This move has taken her to Boston where she’s working for another location of the mediation firm she worked for in Los Angeles.  From talking to her today, she sounds like she loves it.  Her apartment is right near Harvard and has easy access to a lot of parts of Boston.  She’s taking more and more advantage of the city each day and is continuing to make connections with various people out there.  Sounds like it’s going to be a good fit for her which the family is very happy about.  
  • Say a little prayer for my dad who’s up for reelection to the North Greenbush Democrat Committee.  Working as the chairperson for the past couple of years, he’s hoping that on Tuesday, the people of the town will vote him back onto the committee to continue the good work that he’s done.  Good luck dad!
  • Just noticed that those pictures from Brian’s wedding aren’t coming through correctly, I’ll get on that.
  • A shoutout one group of people who I’ve been spending a lot of time with over the past couple of weeks.  In moving from the residence halls to the apartment area, I now work with Community Advocates who have some similarities to a RA in the Residence Hall.  I just wanted to thank them again for a great training and some good laughs.  
  • A lot has changed since the days of CCHS Varsity Golf.  Nowadays, I’ve been playing in the RIT Faculty Staff Golf League.  Each season they do two competitions, a Skins Game and a Team League Championship.  Well, I am apparently the first person in the league to win the whole skins game.  Usually the prize is split between a few people but thanks to what had to be a lucky bounce here or there, I won the whole thing.  Then I went 2 for 2 by being part of the winning team for the league championship.  It’s been a good golf year:-)
That’s about it for now.  Keep on rockin wherever you are…

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