Recent conversations

A snapshot of some of the conversations I’ve had recently…

  • I’ll admit it, I have been watching the new version of 90210.  Honestly, it’s not that bad.  It’s not going to win any awards for the writing, but with being three shows in, it might be added to the Tuesday night watch list.  Anyway, on the show one of the characters from the original show has a child but the audience doesn’t know who the father is.  Last week we found out and after the show gets over, I get a text from a fellow fan (names changed to protect the innocent.  We’ll call him Rick:-)).  And it goes a little something like this:
Rick: Did you notice that Dixon lives in the Walsh house?  And Dylan’s the father of the baby huh?
Me: I didn’t notice that but all they really said was Kelly was still in love with Dylan.  They could be trying to pull a fast one.
(I go back and read what I just sent him)
Me: You know, I just reread what I wrote and I can’t believe at 29 I just sent that kind of text message.  
Rick: You know I’m 32 right?
  • In recounting this conversation to some coworkers at lunch, Lori Loughlin’s name came up as she plays the mom in the series.  One of them starts telling a story about how, over the weekend, she was at a friend’s house and he popped in a tape of her in some movie with BMX riders and they did this dance at the school.  I stopped her and said, “If you are about to say you were watching the movie RAD…”  “Yes!”  The lunch conversation suddenly turned to my face being completely red recounting how when either me or my brother were sick from school, we’d ask our parents to goto Eastside Video and if nothing good was out, we’d ask them to rent RAD.  It’s not that either of us were really into BMX racing but, for me, that movies has some cheesy feel good moments that as a kid, you thought they were pretty cool.  So prepare yourselves for a trip back to 80s!  In all it’s awesomeness, I give you the video this coworker found on YouTube today.  
  • My brother sent me this link to a CNN article about a woman in NYC who’s started a series of monthly meals at local restaurants where people with food allergies can go and have a “Worry Free Dinner”.  Awesome idea and in talking with someone from RIT a few weeks ago, there have been a few families in Rochester that have been getting together and going to “safe” restaurants.  During the conversation she invites me to one of their dinners and says it would be good for the parents to see that their child can grow up and survive (and eat a lot but I didn’t say that and we’ve been covering that in the blog already).  As I read further into her blog, I started thinking about what I might say to the parents.  It would probably center around, “You’re child is going to grow up and meet some awesome people including great waiters, waitresses, hostesses, managers, owners, chefs, and executive chefs.  While some of these people will do thier best, mistakes will happen.  It’s beyond your control.  And then they’ll meet the people who will blow your son or daughter off, and that makes the decision real easy on where to eat because it sure ain’t going to be there.  9 times out of 10 they will be helpful and you’ll have a great meal.  But every now again, you’ll have to get back in your car and find anohter restaurant.”  There’s some other things that came to mind but then this post hit me.  I was like, YES!  This girl hit the nail right on the head.  Each restaurant is like a Cheers experience!  I don’t goto the lengths that this woman recommends but I do make sure before walking out that the person who helped me gets a handshake, a nice tip (key part for helping future allergy customers!), and a promise to come back.  I honestly wouldn’t change this part of my life.  I’ve honestly never prayed at night and asked God to take them away.  I’m kind of shocked right now realizing that but it’s the truth.  People who are close to me have been great at accepting it and even supporting it.  When I say, “Thank you for thinking of me”, I hope you realize that I truly appreciate your efforts, thoughts, and anxiety that goes into it. 
Heading home to Wynantskill soon and one of my goals is to pull out some old classic pictures of the family.  Hopefully should have that post up in beginning of October.  Thanks for reading.

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