Happy Halloween

Let me get something out of the way at the beginning here- Me and Halloween have never really gotten along.  Bad things always seem to happen on Halloween ranging from the days of eggs and shaving cream to the current days of horrible duty calls.  In this, the last Halloween of my 20s, I was determinded to turn things around.  

A little Spain family history of Halloween.  My Mom and Dad were pretty darn awesome in developing costumes for us.  As a youngster, it was anything from clowns to superman (I know there’s a classic clown picture out there that I’m sure my brother will ask me to take down out of embarassment).  In the teenage years, it was all about Alf, along with some old outfits from my grandparents.  If you don’t know the show, check it out on YouTube and see some classic sitcom comedy, not any of that Hannah Montana stuff filling children’s heads today (NOTE: With that line, I recognize that I just leaped into the crochety adult stage of my life).  Even with the allergies to a lot of candy, Halloween would take a positive spin when we’d sit down and I’d get to pick good stuff from my brother and sister’s bag in return for the chocolate and nuts.  
This determination didn’t really start though until today.  For the past week, as the people in my office can attest to, I’ve been the Scrooge of Halloween.  They’ve tried to turn my spirits around by putting random decorations on my door, but I usually responded with “I haaaaaaate Halloween!”  Now, I didn’t have a dream moment in which the three ghosts of Halloween, but I did realize that it’s going to take a change on my end to turn these Halloween’s around.  So I bought a costume, joked about wearing it to work on Friday, and started off Halloween dressed as a gladiator.  
I’ve got to say, this was the first Halloween in a lot of years that something bad didn’t happen.  Unless you consider the following picture:

The plan was for me to act like I was lifting up my outfit while giving a “cute” face.  Instead, it looks like I’m blowing a kiss while getting into a sumo stance.  So as a peace offering to the Halloween spirits, I show this picture to the world to provide many more Halloween holidays.  Thanks to all those around me this Halloween (and in years past) who’ve made it a good time.  I think it’s going to start a good trend.  

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