Daylight come and he wan’ go home!

I’m sure that you have a ton of Thanksgiving stories just like my family.  I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet but I wanted to get this story out to my family before the craziness of the holiday hit.  When I was around 10 or 12 years old, my family would head over to my great Aunt Lona and Uncle Mike’s apartment for dinner.  My Aunt Lona is a big singer and my Uncle Mike is a big collector.  What he collects are old TV shows, old movies, and other things on television.  One of the rooms to their apartment was dedicated to all his tapes.  It was like an early version of blockbuster with things categorized and videos from floor to ceiling.  It was amazing as a kid to see that amount of tapes.  The only problem was that they were Betamax tapes and we know what happened to those.  

After dinner would finish, my brother and I would ask him to go find a certain video that we, as kids, found hilarious.  So Mom, Dad, Chris, Amy, Aunt Lona, and Uncle Mike, do you remember this:
My brother and I would huddle around the TV, cheering for this thing to come on, and three minutes later, my mom and dad probably downed a quick shot to get themselves ready for the non stop singing of this song for the next three hours.  
The last time we were there, if I remember correctly, the tape continued.  Again, my brother and I were probably 11 and 12, Amy was 6 or 7.  My parents and others had diverted their attention back to the table and we were just continuing to watch.  Anyone ever seen the movie Porky’s?  We did that night!  Well, up until one of the more graphic and loud parts when everyone realized what else was on that video.  I can remember my mom’s high pitched “Oh my God” muffled by her hands covering her mouth followed by my dad’s laughter.  Then Uncle Mike gently and calmly walked over and removed the tape.  Day-O was never to be played again, until now:-)
To all my friends and family, an early happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for all the laughter, smiles, good times, good memories, and support.  

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