25 Days of Thanks: Day 1

A lot has happened this year and with that comes a ton of reflection about the things we should be thankful for and the things we aren’t.  Now my family taught me to be thankful for everything but there are just somethings in this world that you’re like, “Really?  That made it into the mix of creation?”  So with that, I plan on posting, each day, one thing in each category.

Thankful- Monday Night Television
The DVR is running wild on Monday nights for me.  After finishing that first day of work from the weekend, I know I can just plop down on the couch and relax from 8- midnight.  Here’s the optimal lineup:
8pm- Chuck on NBC-  Guy from nowhere becomes secret agent.  Well written and they keep things interesting
9pm- Heroes on NBC- Back to back geekdom.  Who hasn’t dreamed of having the ability to fly?
10pm- One Tree Hill on CW- Trashy show that has seen it’s better days but, yea, I’ve got nothing to justify this pick.  
11pm- Big Bang Theory on CBS- Recorded from earlier in the evening.  Some of the jokes in this show hit a little too close to home.  
11:30pm- How I Met Your Mother on CBS- Also recorded.  Each week is a different, hilarious theme.  
No So Thankful- The towels at the gym 
A while ago on this blog I mentioned that I’m trying to get in shape.  I’m continuing to do pretty good but part of one goal always kept alluding me, the not looking like a tomato when I’m done.  Admittedly, the running part has also been, well, absent, but, on average, 5 days a week I’m down at the gym playing basketball either by myself or with some co-workers.  My basketball ability will be addressed in a later post, but each time I arrive at the gym I grab a towel and a basketball.  And each time I leave the gym, I give everything back and get a funny look from the cage attendant.  I’ve gotten used to the funny look.  It’s because my face looks like a tomato.  I’d giggle inside if I saw my face approach. But tonight it all clicked thanks to the light shining just at the right angle…
I’m allergic to the towels at the gym
Yes, there’s a lot on the allergy list.  Today’s reaction to the detergent or cleaner was horrible though.  Eyes and cheeks swelled up.  It was not pretty, both literally and figuratively.  So note to self for the future, bring own towel.  

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