25 Days of Thanks: Day 2

I’m being proactive since, technically, it’s after midnight:

Thankful- Facebook
Facebook is great in a lot of ways from reconnecting with old friends and classmates, to being easy access for students to reach me.  Some enjoy it for the games or the little programs, me, I enjoy it just keep in touch with people who I might never had been able to connect with.  
Not So Thankful- “People You May Know” Section on Facebook
Every time I log in, there they are, staring at me.  People who maybe I’ve met once or twice, or people from the way distant past who I’m thinking, “Would they remember me?”  You don’t want to come off stalker-ish but you also don’t want to be “I’m not your friend”.  3 faces.  The guilt flows through me when I log in.  Some I’ve just taken the jump, clicked on the “Add them as a friend” button, and put the ball in their court.  But others, I’d like to be there friend but the rejection…
Granted it’s been a helpful tool a lot of times when you see someone and you think, “OH!  I didn’t know they were on facebook!”  Those people it’s a easy click.  
By the way, all people who are currently in my “People You May Know” section, it’s not you, it’s me.  I’m the problem.  I’m just not a “Oh my God I’m going to add everyone” type person.  Sometimes it’s just the fun of the surprise when you come across somebody who either sends you a friend request or you see out there in someone else’s profile.  But if you see me in yours, go ahead and add me.  Most of the time, I’m in.
Yep, and I’ve also spent way too much time thinking about this one.  Facebook, a blessing and a curse.    

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