25 Days of Thanks- Day 3

Thankful- White Noise

Yes, I still live in college owned housing. Proud of that fact dagnabit!  But living on campus comes with it, some, well, super powers.  It’s true.  I have the uncanny ability to name you 20 songs from any bass line in a song.  I can hear conversations through walls.  I can also tell you if there’s a fire truck within 5 miles.  Oh yes, it’s true.
I understand living in a residence hall or apartment building, that there are college students living around me.  College students who should be able to live their lives, play their music loud, dance when they want to, and scream to let stress off.  I’m not the type of residence life person who’s going to jump on every little noise or every moment of loud music. 
White noise for me is usually an air conditioner or fan.  So I am thankful for white noise for two reasons:
  1. It drowns out the random noises from the different apartments around me.  
  2. It’s tough for me to sleep at my parents house.  Why?  It’s too quiet.  There’s nothing at nighttime and so I start trying to listen for any little thing. I sometimes will bring a fan or turn on a radio just to get something in the background. 
I’m sure I’ll get over it quickly once I move into my own house but for right now, the fan will do.  Oh and wave to the police car that’s about to go by your house/apartment right now.  I hear it coming…
Not So Thankful- TIVO Guilt
I can’t take credit for the coining of this term but read this article and then come back:
I have TIVO guilt and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I’ve gotten better at it little by little.  Due to time and space, I’ve dropped a few shows from my regular recording schedule just because I never watched them.  But one thing remains on there and has been there for almost a year and a half.  
I’m a big fan of the Price is Right.  Back at CCHS, a few students would eat lunch in Mr. Corbiel’s classroom every day right at the time the show was on.  He’d break a few rules by letting a few people stay and watch the show with him.  Even before then, my grandparents had, what I think was, the first version of the home board game.  I grew up not loving the sentimental favorite Plinko, but the game Cliffhangers (Yo-Do-Lo-De-Oh).  Anyway, I recorded Bob Barker’s final show and have not watched it since.  
I have no idea why.  What I do know is that the guilt is there.  Every time I go to my list, it pops up “The Price is Right, 6/15”.  While sharing a DVR issue story with a co-worker, I let slip that I didn’t want to lose that show.  Since they he and others have vowed to throw a Price Is Right themed party just to get me through the guilt.
One day, my DVR list will be clean, only to be filled back up with something else.  

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