25 Days of Thanks- Day 4

Thankful- Snow

I love the snow.  I’ve been thinking about where my next move might be and while Hawaii is very tempting, 4 seasons is even more.  I love it not only for the skiing, or sleigh riding (sledding seems to be the more popular word), or other snowy activities, but I feel at a certain level of peace when walking in the snow.  It’s wierd, I know.
When I’m walking in from my car, I find myself staring at the traffic light, mesmerized by the passing snow flakes.  During the day, it’s still nice to look at and watch, but something about it at nighttime makes me want to go on a long walk.  It’s so quiet.  I know I just wrote a post yesterday about being thankful for white noise but everyone needs thier moments of peace.  While I do get those moments in more than just the winter time, something about a good snowy night could keep me occupied for hours.  
Not So Thankful– New Car Smell
Having a new car is great.  Mine was brand spankin new.  6 miles were all that was on it when I got it.  But that also means, only 6 miles of air have moved through the darn thing.  
I got in, took a good breath, let it out, and did put a smile on my face after signing the contract.  Then, I headed to Albany, and after, oh, 100 miles of breathing in and out that new NEW car smell, my mind got to thinking, what exactly have I been breathing in.  Your mind starts wondering, the window goes down, and you find yourself inching closer and closer to the fresh air even though it’s 20 degrees outside.  After a while that new car smell gets to be new “I don’t feel so good” smell.  Thankfully it has passed by now, or I’ve just gotten used to it, but let’s just say my stomach is turning a little bit just thinking about it.  
The new car smell is, understandably, a sense of accomplishment for a lot of people.  I 100% support that and encourage you all to enjoy, relish, savor, and experience that smell.  I just wouldn’t recommend sitting in it for 4 hours.

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