25 Days of Thanks- Day 6

Thankful- IPods

When I got my first (and only) IPod, I was a little hesitant to accept it.  I thought with me being a gadget fan, that I had probably 20 other doo-hickeys that did the same exact thing.  But, I was sooo wrong.  
It’s a perfect music machine.  Everything gets loaded on there.  With it, I can borrow music from other folks and rip it right to the device.  Throw in the ease of the Apple Store and downloading music, I don’t know what I’d do without it.  It’s also awesome for long trips down the thruway.  No more changing stations as I pass in and out of radio signals.  
One thing that has changed with my IPod is that I used to listen in the car through a device that would broadcast the music over a specifically tuned radio station.  If I was travelling with someone in another car, I could also play DJ on WJEF.   On a recent trip to Boston, my sister got to hear WJEF for the last time as now my Corolla has an IPod In jack.  
Not So Thankful– The Snooze Button
Devil sitting on one shoulder: Go ahead, press it.  10 more minutes of blissful sleep.  
Angel on the other: GET YOUR BUTT UP!  This way, no rushing.  You could enjoy the morning for once!
Devil:  Oh, go ahead, press it and really enjoy the morning! You could dream of beaches, winning the superbowl, seeing tha
Angel: Ok, that’s 10 minutes, you got it in.  Now get up!
Devil: Oh come on, 10 more minutes, that 8:05.  You’ll be fine.  
Devil: Do I really need to say anything?
Angel: 45 minutes to get to work
Devil: You live on campus.  Your office is on campus
Devil: Isn’t the scruffy look in right now?
Angel:  HAHAHA  25 minutes… dumbass.  I tried telling you!  You learn one day.
Me: Crap
You’ve just read my morning routine Monday thru Friday.  It never changes.  I even found a clock that has does not have a snooze button but I have quite built up enough faith in it yet.  Yes, the thing is loud but it’s a once or nothing thing.  There’s no leeway.  The snooze alarm is the bane of my morning existence.  

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