25 Days of Thanks- Day 7ish

A little late…

Thankful- Swedish Fish
This post would have been posted 10 minutes ago if I hadn’t lost the bag of these tasty treats I bought today.  All through little league and when I was an umpire, these little red and purple (more on that in a minute) candies got me through those summers.  For $1 you got a 100 of them.  It was awesome.  Then, at different points in college, I’d come back from Albany with a huge box to eat and give out to the floor.  
Now I enjoyed the red flavor but the grape ones were the best things on earth. 
Side story, think I just ate a minty red fish.  My mouth is a little tingly (not allergic tingly, just that minty tingly) .
Anyway, grape swedish fish = awesome.  Can’t seem to find them anywhere though:-(
Not So Thankful-Nose Hair
Nothing good comes from a long nose hair.  Nothing.  
All you get is an itchy nose.  And it always comes at the worst times.  So you start itching away at the thing, trying to get it to move but it just keeps coming back.  And if it happens when you’re in public or in front of a crowd, you can’t really go at the thing too hard or it just looks weird.  
Ok, so then you trim the hair.  But then all your left with is stubble which, if you itch your nose, pokes the sides creating more itching.  
Plucking is a personal torture and always brings me to tears.  
Recently while on a trip to buy a friend’s wife’s birthday present (Happy early birthday Melissa! She already knows what she’s getting so I’m not spoiling anything!), we got a tour of the men’s part of a spa and salon.  One of the services they offer, nose hair waxing.  
Now as odd and painful as it sounds, I’m oddly intrigued.  My mind was running when she was explaining it but I heard something about q-tips and my friend talking about looking like a walrus but I’m curious to see what it entails.  There has to be something to take care of the little itchy bastards. 

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