25 Days of Thanks- Day 8

Thankful- Channel One 

At CCHS, I was involved in a bunch of stuff ranging from theater to mock trial.  Even had some time for sports with golf and tennis.  But every morning for a few years I was one of two people (Hi Kim if you happen to be reading this) who’d get out of homeroom and get up to our “TV studio”.  Really, this “TV studio” was a large closet.  But while prepping for the morning announcements, the group would try to catch what they could of Channel One.  
Even with all the commercials and product placement, it did a good job of recapping the news of the day.  We didn’t have the internet back then and Tom Brokaw didn’t exactly spark a young kid’s interest, but we did have Channel One.  A little news, a little sports, a little quiz, it was pretty cool provided I wasn’t rushing to do my homework that was due for first period.  
Not So Thankful– The Broiler Part of the Oven
Contrary to popular belief, I do do some cooking.  “Some” being the key word.  But the broiler part I haven’t quite mastered yet.  But what is there are a bunch of pans, cooking sheets, cooling racks, stone racks, stone pots, and 40 different other things.  
Really what it’s become is the most frustrating drawer in the whole kitchen.  Even though I currently have only 1 other drawer, even when I did have a bunch, this thing was and is a gateway to a temper tantrum.  
Yes, I’ve caused it myself by putting a bunch of different things in there.  So much so that trying to open it is like trying to get a cranky 4 year old past the candy part of the checkout.  There will be tears, there will be flailing of limbs, and there will be a voice saying somewhere, “Calm down!  CALM DOWN!  Be nice and maybe I’ll get you what you want.”  Gentleness and patience does eventually win out, but how much really is it to replace that dented cookie sheet I practically bent in half when ripping open the drawer.  I think it gives it character and adds to the perception that I actually do cook.  

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