25 Days of Thanks- Day 11

Thankful- Electronic Drum Kits

It be weird as the guy who has to hold people accountable for being noisy in the apartments, for me to be banging on drums at 1:30 in the morning.  
But with this electronic drum set I have, all that’s heard around me are little taps.  Just a tappy, tap, tap.  Nothing more.  
In my headphones though, it’s anything from AC/DC to Oasis, from John Mayer to John Cougar Mellencamp.  I can hook up the IPod and attempt to drum right along.  May not be as good as the real guys or girls playing, but I can keep up.  
Not So Thankful– French Fries
D**n you french fries.
D**n you and your fried goodness.
D**n you and your salty fried goodness
D**n you and your tasty, salty, delicious, seasoned, fried goodness
You have been and will be my side dish of choice.  But my waistline has a huge problem with that choice.  It laughs at you and your fried goodness.  It enjoys it too much.
So I say damn you french fries without the asterisks because you are the bane of my healthy existence.
One day, I will be the one laughing at you as I pass you by or wave my hand to the waiter/waitress and say, “No french fries, french fry pusher.  I’ll take the broccoli instead”.

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