25 Days of Thanks- Day 12

Thankful- Electric Generators/ Kindness of Neighbors

Say Hi to the Spain household in Wynantskill.
Wynantskill just happened to be square in the path of the ice storm that rolled through the East Coast.  There have been a few over the years and my parents have become pretty good at handling them, especially when the power is out.  It usually involves breaking out the electric generator, hooking it up to the sump pump and refrigerator.  But this year, that generator just happened to be 3 hours away getting repaired.  Whoops!
Thanks to the kindness of our neighbors, my dad was able to hook into the house next door to get a little power so that our basement doesn’t flood.  I don’t think he reads the blog, but in the best way I know how to right now, I just wanted to say thanks!
Not So Thankful– Those blow up Christmas Lawn Decorations

My future wife needs to be prepared for a few things including my allergies, drums, my excellent cooking abilities, and my desire to have the best looking house on the street around Christmas time.  
But we need to define “best looking”.  “Best looking” is not tons of crap on the front yard.  “Best looking” is not the brightest house on the street.
“Best looking” is a house that has an appropriate amount of lights, organized in a nice fashion, and looks classy.  
One thing that will never, ever make it to the front lawn are those blow up lawn decorations.  I’m sorry but all that goes through my head is me gathering a full head of steam and just tackling the things to the ground.  I know they’ll get right back up but they just bug the heck out of me.  I have no idea where this tackling desire comes from.  Maybe some vicious experience from a past life involving a blow up lawn ornament.  
But you people with those on your front lawn, watch out.  If you see a random person tackling your blow up Grinch, just let him go.  What harm could he do?  

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