25 Days of Thanks- Day 13

Thankful- Student Groups I Work With

My job is pretty awesome.  I work with some great co-workers (more on them later) and some great students.  Here are some of the student groups that I interact with:
  • CAs/PAs– I’m thankful for the student staff that I currently work with.  The Community Advocates and Peer Advocate are on the front line in the apartment area connecting with residents, helping them through issues, and resolving conflicts.  
  • The RAs (both past and present)- Most of my career has been spent with Resident Assistants.  I’m also thankful for the hard work y’all do.
  • Orientation Staff- Recently re-connected with a lot of you on facebook.
  • Hall Council- Thanks to those from Pratt, NYU, and Brockport
  • BLT- Oh, Business Leaders of Tomorrow.  What can I say, it was a good ride and I’m happy to hear some rumblings about bringing it back.
  • Off Campus and Apartment Student Association (OCASA)- We need to spend a few seconds on OCASA.  Today was their winter retreat and I was really happy with how it went.  Remember that each of you accomplishing a small goal means OCASA will continue to be a presence in big ways.  Thanks for your hard work.  I’ll be waiting for our bowling rematch Jackie.  One pin…
  • And to all the other students I’ve worked with, thanks for all you’ve done.
Not So Thankful- Not having a washer and dryer

I’d give up the following things for a washer and dryer:
  • My kitchen
  • My left pinky toe- I kick with my right foot so I could still become a kicker in the NFL
  • My Xbox
  • Coca-Cola for the length of the washer and dryer’s stay
Doing laundry has to get done.  It’s not something I neglect.  However, after doing laundry in a residence hall laundry room for 9 years, I’m getting sick of having to make sure I haven’t dropped a sock or that a pair of underwear is hanging over the side of the basket as I make my way back to my apartment.  
I’m not thankful for the anxiety that comes right before getting to the laundry room and wondering if they’ll be enough washers available.  Then another round hits as you meet eyes with other people around the room who are trying to time their loads with available dryers.  When my loads get done my world goes blank and I purely focus on figuring out how to get things from the washer to dryer.  It’s like that scene in Old School where Will Farrell snaps at the debate and shifts into a completely different person.  Somehow when the washer gets done, the clothes get to the dryers and I suddenly gain consciousness.
And no, I am not one of those people who takes other people’s stuff out of the dryer.  I don’t care if it’s cold when I open the door meaning it’s probably been there for a few hours.  I’m just not touching other people’s stuff.  I wouldn’t want my stuff taken out, why would I want to do that to someone else.  And all I would need is for a student to walk in just as I’m taking someone else’s unmentionables out.  

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