25 Days of Thanks- Day 15

Thankful- St. Arnulf of Metz, The Patron Saint of Brewing

The family line of the Spain’s is filled with interesting people.  The most recent is a man by the name of Charles Fort.  My Great Great Uncle Charlie was an interesting guy according to my grandmother.  Before she passed away, she told me stories about him including the fact that’s there’s a whole society dedicated to his literary and scientific efforts.  In addition, Fortean phenomena is a term used to describe many supernatural and extraterrestrial incidents that happen around us.  Some even credit him with starting the world’s interest in the supernatural and extraterrestrial parts of our world.
My grandmother would also mention every now and again, a person known as Mr. X and the letters and phone calls they exchanged about Fort.  She was one of the few living decedents of Fort and enjoyed answering his questions about her past interactions with him.  
One day I got an excited phone call from my grandma asking me to come over and take a look at the latest letter.  Dated June 2, 2005, Mr. X had spent a good amount of time examining the ancestry of Charles.  The farthest confirmed ancestor that he could find was a man by the name of Arnulf of Metz.
Canonized a Saint in 800, he apparently had two miracles involving beer, one was ending the plague in his town by encouraging people to drink beer instead of water by dipping his crucifix in the beer.  Another miracle involved beer being produced from a brewery even after it had been burned to the ground.  
So to St. Arnulf of Metz, thanks for watching over the beer and brewers out there including Budweiser who brews thier beer with not-Jeff-friendly rice.  Thanks also for your decendents including Charles the Hammer (great name), some guy named Charlemagne, Anna and Edward Fuller (who traveled on the Mayflower and arrived at Plymouth Rock), Charles Fort, and most of all, my grandmother who maybe through some Fortean force could read this blog post, know that I and many of us miss her, and hope she is doing well up in Heaven.  
A big thanks also goes out to Mr. X for his work.  My family has gotten a lot of enjoyment out of your efforts.  
More info on Charles Fort, click here
More info on St. Arnold, this site had some good information.

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