25 Days of Thanks- Day 16

Thankful- Eric Clapton

My dad is a big Eric Clapton fan.  Growing up, we knew a lot of the songs.  Although many weren’t played as part of his band, Clapton was on a lot of times we were working outside or driving in the car.  
Now I don’t know if this was part of his master plan but the first concert I ever saw was Eric Clapton at SPAC.  I believe the story was that friends of there’s couldn’t go so the next best thing was to bring their 8 and 9 year olds.  And I’m pretty darn glad they did.  
I remember two things:
  • The sound was overwhelming.  It wasn’t overwhelming in a scary way but more of a “Wow, I can’t believe what I’m hearing” way.  I remember (and maybe my parents might disagree) but I remember just sitting in amazement at the whole show in front of me.  The lights along with the sound.  It was pretty cool.
  • Ray Cooper- A few years before the concert, I started drum lessons.  The only drum I played though in those early years was the snare drum.  I had no idea of the world of percussion beyond that, until Ray Cooper.  He’s the guy playing in the background during Clapton’s MTV’s Unplugged.   And when I say playing, I mean this guy is grooving to the music.  He was having a ball both during that show and the one at SPAC.  The word “animated” doesn’t even being to describe him.  And I was fixated on how much fun he was having back there.  The man was surrounded not by a drum set but by bongos, wood blocks, bells, shakers, cymbals, and other various drums.  I had thought up to that point that drums was only a drum kit you sat and played at, not all these other toys.

So if I was ever to put a finger on when my interest in drums really came to be, it would be that concert.  Thanks mom and dad for letting me and Chris tag along.


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