25 Days of Thanks- Day 17

Thankful- Benadryl

This one’s late because I’m sick:-(  But Benadryl=good.  Why?  Usually helps with my sinus colds and puts me right to sleep.
But during an allergic reaction, it’s a whole different ballgame.  Usually after eating nuts or eggs, my body starts getting very cranky.  Popping a few Benadryl will give me time to get to the hospital.  But at the same time, I break out the Epi-Pen and inject what’s pretty much pure adrenaline into my thigh (Not the heart!  That Pulp Fiction scene with the adrenaline was the worst for epi-pen users).  So my heart starts beating twice the normal speed not only because of the adrenaline but also because I’m giving permission for who ever is driving to run red lights.  The usual scene at the ER is:
Me: Hi.  I’m having an allergic reaction.  
Person behind desk:  Ok.  Fill out this form and we’ll be with you shortly.
Me: Um, that’s cool and all but my throat’s about to close.
Person behind desk:  Have a seat sir.
Me:  (As if I’m invoking some sort of magical spell to break through their haze).  ANAPHYLAXIS!  ANAPHYLAXIS!
The ER sudden changes into a frenzy.  They throw me down on a bed, put the IV in, then give me more adrenaline directly into the bloodstream.  My heart starts beating as fast as Irish Step Dancing and then they give me the good stuff.  I see the doc come over to the IV, puts the needle in the line, and shoots the Benadryl into the vein.  I tell you, you can feel it travel up your arm, into your neck, and as soon as it’s hits the brain, it’s as if your world has turned into one of those slow motion scenes from a movie.  Everyone’s voices come in a lot slower and a lot lower, but at the same time you can breathe and hear better than ever.  It’s basically at this point that I think the teacher from the Charlie Brown cartoons is in a room 5 doors away from me.  I can hear her, but just can’t make out what she is saying.
So to Benadryl, I say thank you.  

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