25 Days of Thanks- Day 19

Thankful- Co-Workers and Supervisors

I’m just getting back from a little get-together with some co-workers and there I posed the question, “What am I thankful for tonight?”  They threw out some very funny ideas but it was in a moment of them sharing an ongoing joke which we’ll cover in a second, that I realized, don’t know how much I’d have been able to get through over these past 10 years without them.  
My job is awesome as already mentioned.  I love every minute.  With this job though comes some, “Really?  That just happened?” moments.  These moments are funny to play through your head but even funnier to play out with some people who are going through this field as well.  From Canisius to RIT, these stories have and will continue to provide tons of laughs.  But as we all know with any job, there are frustrations.  Frustrations that not too many people can understand or comprehend.  So we turn to those who have an understanding, an underlying structure, those who can understand the humor of the story without having to give a 20 minute background on exactly what the day entails.  It is to those co-workers that I am thankful for and who help get me through many a funny and frustrating moment.  From all the different schools I’ve worked at there have been people along the way who I am thankful to be able to pull aside and vent or laugh or even cry.  
Canisius was where it all started.  Your pats on the back helped push me in a positive direction.
And the NYU and Pratt folks, words can’t describe the help.  Through you, a small town boy got his eyes opened to a whole new world. 
The Hobart folks, you helped me take that first step in the door of higher education.
The Brockport folks, you helped encourage me to do my best and work as a team.  
But RIT is home to the story that I alluded to above.  Right now I thing there’s a five person list of people who have “called” stabbing me with the epi-pen if I ever were to have an allergy attack.  Their names have been changed to protect the innocent.  They are (in no particular order.  If I’m missing anyone, um, sure I’ll add you to the list?  Some, understandably, don’t want to mess with needles.  I know that you’ll still be there to assist!):
  1. Baul (Who has unfortunately left RIT but might still drive out from Suffalo (again, changed to protect the innocent) just for the chance)
  2. Rick (He’s been mentioned before, the 90210 fan)
  3. Tisa 
  4. Mathleen
  5. Fmanada
I already mentioned to them the following facts:
  1. After eating a nut or eggs, I don’t become immediately paralyzed
  2. After eating a nut or eggs, I don’t lose the ability to speak
  3. After eating a nut or eggs, I still have enough energy to use the Epi-Pen myself
  4. The thought has crossed my mind to get a tattoo on my chest that says, “Do not stab here”
In a more serious tone, what this does show is another great set of co-workers that I have the pleasure of being a part of.  It’s shows the caring and concern that if an emergency were ever to happen, even beyond an allergy attack, I’ve got good people around me (even more than those mentioned above) who would be there to help.  So Mom, Dad, Chris, and Amy, don’t worry.  If ever I do need to use the magic spell, ANAPHYLAXIS, there’s good people around who would make sure I’ve got the help I need.
This help from my RIT co-workers also extends beyond the allergies to the personal which I continue to be thankful for their guidance and support.  It means more than you’ll ever know.  
To my future co-workers, even though I don’t know you, I look forward to seeing what the future holds.  Just know that the epi-pen goes in the thigh.  Rhymes with high, or my, or lie.  No dart in the heart!
Ok, taking this rhyming thing too far.  Have a good night!

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