25 Days of Thanks- Day 20

Thankful- Park/Mall Benches

A recent conversation about how people got engaged sparked this thing that I am thankful for. Rick and Felissa got engaged at a park bench they would sit at on a regular basis (if I remember the story correctly).

For me though, I am thankful for park and mall benches for the wide range of emotions they provide.

My favorite park benches would have to be in Washington Square Park. One story in particular that comes to mind is when a woman and I were studying for out Politics in Higher Education final. We were knee deep in different political cases or issues that were talked about in class. All of a sudden though, I heard her scream and then felt a scratch on my arm. What had happened was a darn squirrel had dropped from the tree above, landed on her, then leaped onto me. Unfortunately, this didn’t get us out of the final but it did make for a good story to tell.

I don’t think you’ll argue though that from a park/mall bench you see a wide range of things. You’ll most likely see things that will make you laugh, things that will make you think, or even things that will make you cry. I’m not necessarily one of those people who go to the mall just to people watch but I am guilty of being one of those people who goes to the park just to take their minds off of things.

While sitting in the park I remember seeing the following things happen:

– A world record being broken (Oh it’s true. Guinness World Records used to do a weekly show and in one of those, you could see me sitting on a bench
– A person getting pooped on by a bird (Now I’ve gotten pooped on by a bird but if I see someone else have it happen to them, does that mean I have double the luck?)
– Celebrities and famous people walk by getting hounded for their autograph (never been one of those people who’ve been comfortable enough to approach a famous person. Why? Because if I were them, I know that there are sometimes I just don’t want to be bothered. Why should I interrupt that?)
– Love begin (Now I have no idea if these two people are still together but I remember sitting on a bench facing the dog park. A man and a woman are on opposite sides of the park but suddenly their dogs become angry at each other. The two run towards the commotion and separate the dogs. Together they walk towards the outer part of the park. While reading my material, I randomly gaze every now and again at them and one time see the man hand the girl a piece of paper. I’ve been around long enough to read on these two faces that they are pretty into each other. Who knows what came of it but I hope the two of them are happily ever after)

So to the people who thought putting mall/park benches out there in the world, I say thank you. Not only is a great place to relax while watching another person shop, but it’s also a great place to stop and see the world from a whole different perspective.


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