25 Days of Thanks- Day 23

Thankful-Good Friends

Lots of stories about friends of the past have come out already on this blog.  From co-workers to friends in high school, there have been tons of stories and a ton more to tell.  Although some will remain secret because they just don’t need to be shared on a blog, I’m thankful for those who’ve been there in whatever way you may define a friend.  
From quick conversations in the hall to random reunions, I’m pretty darn lucky to have some damn good people in my life.  
To those who were there pre and post, to those who’ve been there before, during, and after, thank you.    
Not So Thankful– The Video Players in Cars

Those who’ve driven the NYS Thruway in any direction can tell you, there’s not too much to look at.  Every now and again you’ll get the little cities along the way in which you wonder what might be happening there tonight.  Or you pass that random lock house along the Erie Canal.  Or maybe you come back from your day dream when you pass the Steak and Crabhouse place (you know, the one with the big neon lobster on the front) in between Rochester and Buffalo (just east of exit 49) and wonder, “How’s the food there?”
While a lot of thinking gets done on the Thruway, one thing has been cutting into my day dreaming, those video players in vans.  You’ve probably seen them glowing brightly while passing a big family van.  Most of the time they’re playing cartoons or Sesame Street, but try as you may, you just can’t turn your head away.  And it’s even worse when you have no idea what’s playing.  
[Begin lie]
I’ve never done this but there have been people who’ve literally slowed down just to see if they know what’s playing.  It’s probably a little battle they have in their head like when watching Jeopardy at home.  It’s not like you know every single show you see on those glowing overhead monitors, but you just can’t pass it until you’ve gotten a good look at it and made an attempt to tell what’s on.
[End lie]
Maybe it’s jealousy.  Maybe it’s the song on the radio.  Maybe it’s that my voice just gave out after trying to hit the high note at the end of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin(Hold on to that feeeeellleeeiiinnng).  But when passing one of those video things, I take more than a quick glance because, well, not much else is happening out there.
Here’s the deal, to the people who have em, rock on.  Just expect a little company on the Thruway.

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