25 Days of Thanks- Day 25

Thankful– My family

There are small moments and small stories that make up the overall experience with my family.  From the years of us all living under one roof, to the days that we are now spread all across the country, I realize that I’m pretty darn lucky and blessed when it comes to Mom, Dad, Chris, and Amy.  
Christmas at the Spain household usually begins with camcorder wielding Dad standing at the bottom of the stairs while three kids anxiously await to bring what Santa brought.  Coming around the corner of our kitchen, our faces usually lit up and we went to work.
Now I hear in some families, there’s someone who plays Santa and hands out the presents one by one.  Um, let me just say that the one or two minutes spent tearing endlessly and uninterrupted through wrapping paper is a joy that can only be topped by a few things.  There’s no order other than the wave that starts at one end of the presents and doesn’t stop until you get to the tree.  All that’s left in the path is wrapping paper and ribbon.  I guess we just prayed in early days that Amy would have enough room to come up for air in the midst of her two big brothers.
Recent Christmas’s though have been smaller and rather than presents being shared, stories from the year get tossed around.  This year included the struggles of my brother and Stacy to deal with their dog’s humping problem and when exactly is the right time to open the bottle of Dom Perignon that’s been sitting in the refrigerator since my NYU days (just haven’t found the right moment…).  
As the Christmases go on, they’ll continue to change with new wives, husbands (just thought that a whole ‘nother blog post will be dedicated to “Notes for whomever wishes to marry my sister”.  Don’t quite know if they know what they’re in for with me and Chris.), and kids being added to the mix but, again, I’m thankful and blessed to be spending them with a great family.
This whole blog is a kind of dedication to them and their efforts.  While this post about them is short, the whole blog touches on the various facets of my life that they have helped shape.  
Thank you Dad, Mom, Chris, and Amy.
From my family to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

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