Another On Ice Adventure

Again, love my job.  You never know what might pop up.  Say, for example, putting on a hockey helmet, taping paper cut out dog ears to it, grabbing a few other Res Lifers, and becoming a human dog sled team.  Oh yes, I give you, Human Dog Sled Racing:

(Pictures courtesy of, at her request, Felissa Ippolito)
2100 people saw this live.  I’m the “dog” running behind the sled attempting both to keep up and make sure the sled doesn’t go into the wall.  
As you might remember, the last time I was out on the ice, this happened:

Luckily, I stayed on my feet:-)  However, the next night, the T-Shirt cannon came back out and what happened?  The guy operating it tripped over the goal they had moved for the Zamboni (spelled correctly on the first darn try!) and while the crowd gave a big laugh, I did the “Awww, hell” and knew exactly what was going through his head, “Protect the $5,000 t-shirt gun”.

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