Other Updates

Some other updates:

  • A big Thank You to Nick and Melissa Ippolito for finding the Swedish Fish Aqualife candies that DO include the grape flavor!  Although there were only 5 or 6 in the package of 50, it brought back good memories and created a darn good brand new one.
  • Any dream interpreters out there?  I know there are, heck some of you even took that dream interpretation class that was our Religious Ed 101 class at Canisius.  Problem is that I’ve got no idea where to go with these ones:
  1. Tree feel on my house in Wynantskill.  I think it’s from my last trip home in which I helped clear some of the tree debris from the recent ice storm.  However, thanks to the ice, didn’t quite make it up on the roof but my mom and I did have a field day with a branch that didn’t quite make a clean break.  We threw everything at it.  Even tried getting up on a ladder but it wasn’t coming down.  But for some reason, I’m thinking there’s a deeper meaning to this one…
  2. I keep having a dream about attending my high school reunion.  Each time it’s in a different place.  Some I recognize, others are weird, and some are just impossible.  
  3. Little confession, I used to use my graphic calculator to store formulas or other items I could use for a math test that I was “supposed to memorize”.  So maybe karma is paying me back with my dreams about becoming a math teacher, giving my students a final, then taking all their calculators away.  Then all of a sudden, parents rush through the doors and I wake up.  No idea..
  • Some pics from the Christmas holiday:
Thanks for reading:-)  Hope your New Year is starting off pretty darn good.

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