Happy Birthday Amy!

She’s 24.  I just can’t believe how much time flies…

Amy turned 24 today.
She’s a working professional.
She’s got her own apartment in Boston.  
And it was only a short time ago when…
  • Amy probably came into this world dancing.  The singing part she’s still working on (and we’ll talk about that in a second) but dancing has been a huge part of her life.  In turn, that meant her brothers came out to all the performances.  Sure, we probably put up a fit but, in all honesty, at the end of the show, during the big finale, we were on our feet clapping and hooting pretty darn loud for her.
  • Siblings weekend was always a blast with Amy at Canisius.  She was always a magnetic force at those things.  It was amazing after she left the amount of people who would come up and say, “Your sister is awesome.” 
Those Canisius days also transition nicely into one of the things I think I’m most proud of her for doing.  When she first started looking at colleges, Canisius suddenly popped up on the list and after driving through a blinding snowstorm on the Thruway, she was able to take an official tour and talk with staff from Admissions.  After deciding that it was the place for her, questions started to pop up about if she would only be known as “Jeff Spain’s sister”.  But that never became the case.  From day one, she stepped on that campus and put her own mark there to the point that when I go back and visit, I’m sometimes referred to as “Amy Spain’s brother”.  She took that four years and made damn sure to get the most out of them.  
So to Amy, much love and wishes for many more birthdays, brews, trivia nights, and random bear sightings. 

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