New Blog

“Oh hey, I’ve been traveling down this road too long
Just tryin’ to find my way back home
But the old me’s dead and gone
Dead and gone”

T.I., Dead and Gone

A few reasons for starting a whole new blog:

  1. I noticed when trying to write that script story, the spacing just didn’t work out well.  In additon, when posting those videos, the right end is cut off.  Here, it seems to be a lot easier to manage those items.
  2. Eventually this will transform into a full on “All about Jeff Spain” site.  But for right now, it’ll stick with a blog.
  3. WordPress has a lot more advanced features than Blogger.  As the transition develops, this will also for things to happen easier
  4. This reason goes to the lyrics above.  As many of you know, my life has changed for the better.  A choice was made about a year ago that I’m sure I will write about at some point.  It’s a choice though that has vaulted me into a new stage in life.  Legally, I couldn’t talk about anything related to the divorce or that part of my life in the old blog.  But believe me, the writing will continue to be the same, positive, funny stories of my life, but I will not live in the shadow of the past anymore.

The old blog (click here to go to it) will remain for the time being as I transition items to this site.  Eventually, over the next couple of weeks, it will come down though.  It won’t be sad to see it go.  Positive things are happening, life is changing, doors are open, and we’re going to need to chat about a few things.  No limitations this time.

Thanks for reading…


One Response to “New Blog”

  1. Topher Says:

    Boom Tho. The blog has risen…like the Phoenix from the ashes. I feel a meteoric shift in the karmic pressures that surround your chi. Be one with it. Embrace its unlimited bliss. Search amongst your soul for a timely formation of good versus evil, and when you find it…really take the time to find it. Now go and be one with you.

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