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Good luck to Chris and Stacy

July 29, 2009

For the past couple of months, the conversations between my brother and I haven’t been more than a few minutes.  Not even 48 hours after graduation, they were already studying for the California Bar Exam.  I’m pretty awed by the dedication and committment Chris and Stacy have made to studying for this three day test.  Tomorrow’s the last day and being a believer in some of the more spiritual parts of the world we live in, if you’ve got a free moment, send them a positive thought.

I wish them both the best of luck.


Almost forgot

July 29, 2009

Almost forgot how much I loved the Drive-In…

I remember the crunch of the road as the wheels rolled over the dirt and gravel.  I remember my dad and mom discussing the best place not only to see the movie but also to keep us kids corralled.  I remember when it was the little box that had to clip onto the window for you to hear the movie.

But the craziest memory about the drive-ins… the movie Rising Sun.  It was a double feature at the Hollywood Drive-In with Superman 3 playing right before Rising Sun with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes.  Superman had just finished and I was still a little shaken from Superman almost having been turned into a machine. My parents started to debate whether to stay for the second movie and decided to give it a go.  They probably thought me, my brother, and my buddy Joe would join my sister in sleepy land.  Well, if you’ve seen that movie, you know there’s an interesting scene close to the beginning with different “parts” being shown.  My mom shrieked “JEFF!” to which my dad responds with his usual and expected, “Whaaaaaaat Janice?”  He was also laughing pretty hard as at the same time, the three suddenly VERY awake adolescents in the back gave a collective, “whooooaaaaa”.

But the Hollywood is also filled with other memories of playing baseball in front of the screen before the show started, trying not to trip as you manuver through the dark trying to get to the refreshment stand, and memories of the old school “Let’s all go to the snack shop” ad that played in between each movie.  They may have even paused in the middle of each movie but I can’t remember for sure.

A few Fridays ago, myself and a few friends headed back to a Rochester drive-in for a double feature of Public Enemies (decent) and The Hangover (we’ll cover that in a second…).  The tires made the same sound as we pulled into a spot.  This time though there were new memories and new reasons to head back.

If you haven’t had a chance to see The Hangover, I highly recommend it.  There’s been talk in a few different places about it’s relation to past parts of my life and here’s what I’ll say… Lots of you out there could find a connection to different parts of the movie.

But I know that in the future there will be many times to put my arm around that special someone, look up at the stars, give a little nod of thanks to the Big Guy upstairs, then turn and smile as she erupts in laughter…

Thanks for reading…

Just one more day…

July 8, 2009

Can’t wait to have one more day like this (Also can’t wait to see this darn movie).   I’ve had a lot of good days and great days lately but, well, you’ll see what I’m talking about…

Heck, I’d even do the dance at the end.  But it’s got to be that good.

Thanks for reading…

Mystery Place…

July 8, 2009

Today I went to a place of smiles and laughter.

Today I went to a place where people wait in a happy way.

Today I went to a place where the workers leave with friendly goodbyes from other people.

Today I went to a place where the people standing looked just as comfortable and content as the people sitting.

Today I went to a place where I was not condemned for not checking a specific box.

Today I went to a place where the woman behind the counter laughed at my jokes about it being a place of laughter and giggles.

Today I went to a place where a nice girl said, “Oh, wait, you dropped this!” and I responded with, “Well that would have sucked!” and she laughed.

Today I went to a place where they made the mistake, not me!

Today I went to a place where I turned to the woman I was with and said, “Wait, this can’t be where I think I am.”

Today I went to the DMV.

I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in…. I went to the DMV.  And hot diggity I could not believe my eyes.  Every other DMV I’ve been to has been torture (there is one exception- we have a connection with someone in the Rensselaer County DMV and always have a good experience there… because we don’t have to wait in the waiting room).  NYC, Geneva, Brockport, Buffalo and the other Buffalo one, all very “challenging” places to be happy at.  Yes, they have a very tough job and answer the same question over and over, but this DMV I went to today was like the champagne of DMVs.  I actually might have got drunk off the happiness because I was so darn surprised to walk in there and find the attitude, um, dare I say, welcoming…

If you’re in the Rochester area and need to goto the DMV, head to the one in Geneseo.  Sure it’s a little bit more of a drive but it’s 100% worth it.

Thanks for reading…Actually one more post coming today

Pics from a recent trip home

July 7, 2009

Who’d have thought that laptops would take over the nighttime conversation at my house?  During a recent trip home, while listening to some music outside, I found myself just hanging out, looking at the stars, but noticing the glow from the dueling laptops on the patio.  Thought they made cool pictures.

Unfortunately what didn’t come out were the pictures I tried to take of my mom’s reaction to this article:

With each new picture that came up, a new scared expression.

Thanks for reading… one more update to come