Happy Birthday to my Dad

IMG_2409Let me get this out of the way really quick, very jealous of how he’s spending this years birthday!  He, my Mom, Chris, and Stacy are off to see the Allman Brothers and the Doobie Brothers at SPAC.  Two bands that can probably still put on a good show and still put out some good music.

Music has been a part of his life for a long time.  Whether driving down the road and playing the “Who Sings This?” game or supporting the family’s musical interests, he’s made sure, that music and performing is something we’re comfortable with.

My dad played in a band called the DeSotos.  At various venues around Troy, he, my Aunt, and my Uncle, along with some of their old friends would get up and entertain a crowd of what was probably a couple hundred people.  As a kid though, those 500 people seemed like thousands.  I can remember being up close at some of these events, turning around, and being amazed by the people and how much fun they were having.  I think those moments, watching the fun he was having and seeing the reaction from the people around him, really shaped who I am today.  It’s probably where I caught this acting, singing, drumming bug…

So thanks Dad for the music, thanks for the smiles, and thanks for keeping me happy through some tough parts of my life.  Happy Birthday!


Jeff Jr.


One Response to “Happy Birthday to my Dad”

  1. Proud Dad Says:

    Your welcome. I am so proud to have children like you and your brother & sister. It’s unbelivable that you you guys like the music that I like. We had a great time at the Alman bros concert. But, I must admit the Doolbie Bros. were much more entertasining than the Alman Bros. You know how much of a Alman Bros. fan I am. They were horrible. The Doobie bros had the place rocking. We had a great time and I wish that you were there.

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