Step 2

An update…

Way back when I wrote this post, I didn’t look quite like this but I was pretty close:

(The hair will need to be covered in a different blog post)

Things were out of control at the time in more ways than one.  But what cannot be denied were the choices I made.  I chose to eat bad food.  I chose that my only form of exercise was typing on a keyboard.  I wasn’t taking responsibility for my actions.  I used to joke that my home would contain a built in soda tap that only served Coca-Cola.  My Coke to water ratio was probably 15 to 1.

The bigger problem was that I was not respecting the signs.  I think I’ve said it before but I’m a big signs guy.  I play the “fortune teller” radio game.  I keep an eye out for the little things that show that someone out there is thinking of me.  But, to bring in a baseball reference, I was a runner on second base paying attention to the first base coach behind me, not the third base coach ahead of me.

Don’t think I’ll forget the moment when I got the wake up call to change because it literally was a wake up call.  The Sunday of that week of RA training mentioned in the post, my mom calls me to talk about a family issue and it turned into a discussion about the previous week’s drama.  My head still buried in the pillow like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop where he says, “They’re horrible”, she basically told me to get off my butt and do something.  It was like lighting bolts shot through the ceiling.  I think that was the first morning that I started to put my bike to good use.

But it ain’t perfect.  I’m definitely happier and healthier, but need to take that next step.  Here’s what things look like now:


So what is step 2?  Step 2 was mentioned way back in December of 2008.  Step 2 is the french fry.  French fries are my side!  They go with a sandwich, a burger, hell, even a good steak.  Even as I write this I’m thinking of the inevitable moment when I actually come to the fork in the road.  My stomach is growling in anger at the thought of the fried potato goodness being removed, nay, RIPPED from its future.  It’s time.

But this begs the question, what is Step 3?  Step 3 is opening my eyes to vegetables.  I enjoy most green and white vegetables.  But my tastes have never gravitated toward the eggplant, or the squash, or the (shiver) mushroom.  But baby, year and a half long, steps.

Thanks for reading.


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