Hello from 34,000 feet:-)

The techie in me just needed to try this out.  I imagine in a few years, this will be old hat but right now, it’re pretty darn cool.  I’m currently on the last leg of a great roadtrip that I’ll sure cover in a couple future blog posts.  My brother and future sister in law are moving from Los Angles to Grand Rapids, Michigan and they invited me along for the drive.

Right now though, I’m on a flight from Atlanta to Rochester in which there’s wireless access available.  I’d type more but stupid me didn’t charge my laptop last night.

More to come including pictures, maps, and video of this past week’s adventure.

Thanks for reading…


One Response to “Hello from 34,000 feet:-)”

  1. Amanda Morrison Says:

    what!!!! wifi on an airplane???? im jealous. aren’t they afraid that will blow up the plane or something ?

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