25 days of thanks… Again

Lots to be thankful for this year so Round 2 of my 25 days of Thanks.  Want to see round 1?  It starts here

Thankful-Road Trips

I’ve got no problem driving.  Whether it’s with good company or good music, I could drive for days and not get antsy or frustrated.  This was tested though with a recent trip with my brother.  The trip with him was good and I don’t think we’d pass on doing it again.  We might just do it differently the next time.  Here’s some things that I think we both learned on the trip:

  • The more things change the more they stay the same.  Although we’re on different sides of the country, we still have old habits and um, different, yea different music tastes.  Although, I’ve got to give him credit.  He did turn me on to a great band called Phoenix.  You’ve probably heard their song in a recent Cadillac commercial.
  • Always have cash on you on a roadtrip.  Think we caused a good backup at a toll booth because neither of us had any cash or change.  After a few minutes, a guy from a few cars back came up huffin and puffin and threw a few dollars our way.
  • I was being pretty limited in my possibilities for the future.  There are some great little towns and colleges out there that I passed that could be potential spots for the next step.  Think I was limiting myself too much to beach towns and warmer weather.
  • Get off the highway.  We ended up in some awesome backwoods parts of Colorado and I think if we had stayed on the main highway we would have missed a lot.  Especially an awesome drive through Zion National Park.  If you get a chance to go there, I highly recommend it, especially the little town to the southwest (I think) of the park.  Will definitely be back there.

So to Chris, Stacy, and Allison, thanks for a good week.  Thanks also for stopping in Vegas!

Not Thankful- Those postcards in magazines

A recent snapshot into my brain:

(Sitting down on the couch)

“Ah, a good night to read Men’s Health. Oh jeas, Taylor Lautner again!  Smack dab on the cover.  He’s everywhere.  What’s this?…”

(Postcard advertisement falls out)

“Huh, 19.95 for a full year…”

(Flip open the magazine.  Two more fall out)

“No I don’t want a Holiday bag.  Don’t have the money to send to a subscription to a friend…”

(Bring magazine closer and feel something sharp poke me)

“What the?  Darn thing is sharp”

(Keep flipping pages)

“And another one… and another one…. OH!  YEA!  Two stuck together.”

(Open to article I really want to read)

“How did you manage to get folded between the pages?  Seriously how did you manage to fold between three or four pages.  May have to take a picture because I don’t think anyone will believe me.  Now I can’t even keep the page in view because you keep folding the page over…”

(Increasing frustration…)

“Oh look, it’s a full length one stapled inside… Great…”

(And cue temper tantrum)

“Well lets see if you can stay in there now!”

(Turning over the magazine and holding it by the binding, I shake vigorously to get the remaining ones out.  A few more come out)

“Yep, peaceful reading at last”

(Turn the page, another one falls out…)


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