25 Days of Thanks- Day 2

Thankful- Sports Warmup Songs

Now Now now ow stepping to the plate late ate, number 30 irty irty, Jeff eff eff Spain ain ain (cue Taylor Swift’s Lovestory)

I kid!  But the right song while the batter is stepping to the plate can make or break the crowd.  Imagine if while a professional player was stepping to the plate, that song came on?  It’s a good song and I admit I paid 99 cents for it but there are just some times you need to not only get yourself pumped up but the crowd as well.  Traditions are huge in sports and a lot are built around music.  Think about the longest ones… the Star Spangled Banner, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, the Bills Make Me Want to Shout song after every touchdown.  Each is meant to not only pay respect but to pump up everyone in the stadium.  I’m thankful for those moments where it’s been a close game or a hockey game comes down to a shootout, and the music just hits the right moment.

My top 5 songs I would play if I were part of a sports team or were introduced in a stadium:

1) Doobie Brothers, China Grove- The guitar riff at the beginning always gets me pumped up.

2) Moxy Fruvous- King of Spain- Brings me back to the Studio X days at Canisius.  It was a variety show that I hosted with a good friend for a few years.

3) The O’Jays- Backstabbers- When I need a little soul and coolness to step up to the plate.

4)Eric Clapton- Layla/Forever Man- I put these two together because, well it’s my list, and because really there a ton of Clapton songs that have great guitar riffs in them.

5) The All American Rejects- Move Along- Great drum opening with the low piano notes behind it.

Runners Up: Ants Marching by DMB, Number One by Nelly, Superstition by Stevie Wonder, Baba O’Reily/Won’t Get Fooled Again/Who Are You by The Who (psyched these guys are playing the Super Bowl!), Empire State of Mind/Off That/Young Forever by Jay Z (great album!), and Crazy Game of Poker/Love and Memories/This Town by O.A.R.

Not Thankful- Key Rings

“Who’s got nails?” is usually what I ask when handed a new key.  Those stupid circle things with the metal that you can’t quite get far enough apart to get a key in…  hate em.  And each time, with a new key, comes a brand new one of those rings… a brand new one, meaning that the darn thing has only been stretched once!

I know they make clip ones and easy access ones but while I hate the circle key rings with a fiery passion, they’ve never broken on me.  But it’s just that moment of frustration when I realize that, thanks to a bad habit, I can’t get the key on my key ring.


One Response to “25 Days of Thanks- Day 2”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I am so disappointed you did not mention the BEST entrance song ever… She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy. BOO.

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