25 Days of Thanks… Day 3!

Thankful- Fireplaces

Probably until I was 12, we had an active fireplace in our house.  Really it was a wood stove though.  Each morning, my dad would get up, throw some logs in there, and light ‘er up.  Coming home from a day of sleigh riding or playing in the snow, the thing was great!  Walking in the door, boots and jackets would go flying and you’d see my mom scurrying behind us to tell us to move them closer to the wood stove.

Then the mustache incident happened.

One day, my brother and I came home from something and noticed something different about my dad.  Something was just off… Glasses- check.  Two eyes, two ears- Check.  Two eyes- Che… WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HIS EYEBROW?  One was fully intact, however, the other, yea, not so much.  Ok, that wasn’t so ba… WHERE THE HECK IS HIS MUSTACHE?  11 and 12 year olds have no idea of the severity of such a thing.  Maybe I should take this opportunity to apologize to my dad for, what I imagine, the laughter or smile my brother and I had on our faces when we first saw him.  We were both in shock dad!  Honestly!  I think eventually the other eyebrow came off too but thanks to a backdraft in the chimney, my dad was lucky that all that was blown away was some facial hair.

I think I’ve mentioned before about how I can’t wait to have a house.  And yes, that house must possess a fireplace.  I think previous fireplaces that I’ve hung out in front of have drawn as much attention from me as a good television show.  I can relax in front of the darn things for hours.  Lately, (and Sharon, my boss, stop reading right now…) daydreams (I told you to stop reading!  Seriously I only daydream at night, after work… never during the day) have taken place in front of fireplaces.  Sure, maybe it’s the cold weather, or rain/snow hitting the window, but just looking forward to that day of cuddling up in front of the fireplace with good company.


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