25 Days of Thanks- Day 5

A little late but it’s been a crazy weekend!

Thankful- Christmas Trees

This post  had the possibility of going in several different directions from talking about going fake for Christmas to how much of a fan of tinsel I was.  But it wasn’t until staring at the real tree I chopped down on Saturday that I realized something, it has the perfect home here.

Why?  Well, it’s got some “fullness” issues that I think I can cover by turning it the right way.  It’s also flat on one side from it tipping over the other day.  I had to cut off some branches towards the bottom to get in the stand which left a gaping hole.  While “fluffing” the branches, I noticed that a squirrel must have been real ticked off one day at my tree because it went all Freddy Krueger on part of the trunk.  And I’m wondering if I have to put it on a water diet.

It’s got a perfect home because it’s kinda like me.

Now, yes, you could probably take anything in ones apartment and make an analogy to yourself about it (“The bookcase is like a person because it has all sort of knowledge and experiences with various heights and various ages…).  But, I don’t know, just something about this tree gives me a good feeling.  It’s completely unlit and undecorated, which won’t last much longer, but it keeps standing tall and smelling fresh even though it’s been put through the wringer.

And then tomorrow it will get better, and the next day, and the next.  It will grow with a little water, reach for some light, the scars will heal, the patches will get less with some pruning, continued fluffing will hopefully help too, and soon with some lights and decorations, it will be one heck of a tree.

The Christmas Tree connections could go on and on to Lisa, John, Pauline, and John who helped me buy it and carry it in (Side story:  you know what does not happen on a tree farm, nor really in real life, the Griswold family Christmas Tree moment.  Where the light comes out of the sky and shines on that perfect tree.  Nope, no light.  No voices singing in unison or trumpets.  Only a voice in my head saying, “Ok, everyone else has picked theres.  Don’t look like a Christmas Tree snob.  Just pick one.  It will be ok.”)  or to Kathleen who let me borrow her tree stand, but I’m going to leave it at a simple and genuine thank you to them and all those who helped get this thing standing for the Christmas Season.


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