25 Days of Thanks- Day 7

Thankful- Knots that are already in the laces for jackets/sweatshirts

I consider myself a proactive person.  I try to think ahead a few steps, try to look at how a choice may play to the future, try to anticipate and prepare for problems.

But, sweet mother of frustration, I have ripped more laces out of hoods of sweatshirts because no man, woman, or machine, tied a knot in that lace that goes into the hood.  It’s cool when you first buy it because the lace hangs evenly on both sides.  But then, when you wash it, you get that nifty surprise of one side of the lace being caught on something else, pulling the opposite end into the fabric of the sweatshirt.

It’s more like a black hole.  All the folding, all the scrunching, all the manipulating can’t help you get that little lace back through the metal hoop.  I’ve heard of different tricks but the only one that works is to just pull the whole darn lace out of the hood.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever really used the laces to tighten my hood around my face…It’s the principle of the matter people.  When you pay for that jacket you also pay for properly placed laces!

Maybe that’s what I’ll invent to make my millions, but in the meantime, thank you to those companies that tie a big enough knot in the end of your laces to make sure hood laces stay in their proper place.


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