25 Days of Thanks- Day 8

Thankful- My job

Here’s some of the random things I get paid to do:

  • Shoot off t-shirt guns
  • Dress up in mascot costumes- So if Ritchie waved at you today, it was me.  And if he waves at you Thursday or Friday, wave back!  So many people passed by and I’m all dancing around and waving, and got nothing in return.  Granted some people have a fear of mascots, but it’s ok, it’s me underneath there.  If it helps, picture me with the reddest face imaginable because that’s what’s going on underneath the helmet.  Not only is it hot, but even though people might not know it’s me, I still blush like a son of a gun.
  • Put on a party for 300-500 people.  Saturday night was an awesome event called Chocolate on Ice.  Thanks to those who came out to support.  Major kudos needs to goto the student staff who stepped up and helped me through my franticness!
  • Get pies thrown in my face.  It was for a great charity and I’ll never forget sitting in the lobby of MacVicar letting students pie me and the RAs
  • Go to ghost walks, movies, tours, museums, baseball games, football games, and all sorts of festivals and events
  • Watch the 4th of July fireworks from the greatest of all spots in America.  Seriously, never before has there been a place like the top of 26th Street residence hall in NYC, to see the biggest fireworks show ever.  It’s like the finale of a small city show but lasts for a complete hour.
  • Sit in a dunktank
  • Go skiing in Vermont

There’s many other things but all in all its the students and staff that keep me going.  I’m thankful for all the stories, for all the laughter, for all the “foot in mouth” moments, and everything you bring to the table.  Thanks for making this job fun and exciting each day.

In addition, I’m thankful that my job allows me to make mistakes, to be human if you will.  I’m not perfect both personally and professionally.  But that sense of knowing that it’s ok to try, that it’s ok to challenge, that it’s ok to stick your big toe in the lake, helps me deal with the fact that I have no idea what I’m going to walk into day after day.  Thanks to the student and professional staff who, over these 10 years, have supported and allowed me to grow, discover, and (cue Indiana Jones theme) experience one heck of an adventure.


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