25 Days of Thanks- Day 9

Thankful- Hairdressers/Stylists/Barbers

Morning Routine-Jeff Spain- 7 years ago:

  • Wake Up
  • Hit snooze button between 5 and 10 times
  • Freak out about being late
  • Shower
  • Brush teeth
  • Brush Hair back, then find good part in hair, combover from there
  • Put on khakis and shirt
  • Run out door

Morning Routine- Jeff Spain- Today

  • Wake Up
  • Hit snooze button between 5 and 10 times
  • Freak out about being late
  • Fall Back asleep
  • Wake Up again with a “Huzzah!” thinking I kinda planned for this (May just be exaggerating here a little…)
  • Shower
  • Brush Teeth
  • Face Moisturizer
  • Hair Paste, rub in hair, determine if it’s a messy in front day or messy part day (lately, messy part)
  • Put on clothes
  • Run out door

I see a stylist (yes, a stylist) about once every 5 weeks.  Each time there’s the usual chit chat about work, life, his house, and vacations.  Jason is a great guy a cuts a good head of hair.  He’s upfront and honest too saying, “Nope, can’t give you George Clooney’s hair today, but we’ll see what happens.”  Then 30 minutes later, poof, done.  And it looks ok most of the time.  The times that it doesn’t is usually my fault when I insist to try something different and he goes along with it.  But each time I go, in the midst of the chit chat, there’s some morning routine tip that will come out that’s pretty handy.  In addition, I’ll let him know what my hair has been doing lately and he might try out a new product to see if it helps the problem.  Since he’s the professional, he’s usually spot on.  My issue is that I don’t have the budget to keep up with it.  I’m about 4 products behind right now.

Some things that I’ve learned:

  • Shaving straight down the face can cause irritation.  Instead shave along the chin line from side to side
  • They make a powder that when sprinkled in your hair, you’ve got about 5 seconds before it turns to cement.
  • Facial moisturizer is key
  • Most people don’t know how to use hair paste correctly.  Got to warm it up by rubbing your hands together to get it to activate.

While this may sound like part of an episode of “What Not to Wear”, I figured I share the knowledge because, hopefully, it’s worked.

So to Jason and all the stylists/hairdressers/barbers, thank you.


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