25 Days of Thanks- Day Ten

Thankful- A Smile

A couple reasons/stories:

  • Elf is a great movie and has a ton of quotable lines.  One of the greats- “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite”
  • At Canisius, we had to take some science courses as part of degree.  There were a few different choices but most flocked to Nutrition.  Myself and about 50 other students piled in at 9:30am for Mr. Chumerainian (that’s probably not how you spell his name but some may remember who I’m talking about), which was shorted to Mr. Chu I believe.  Mr. Chu was the definition of a hard a** but his tests were word for word from the book and if you did the project and reviewed the end of chapter questions each week, you were pretty much guaranteed an A.  Yea, that didn’t happen for me.  Call it slacking, call it other interests, me and Mr. Chu didn’t see eye to eye on his grading.  All his fault.  Probably.  One day, after a particularly bad quiz, I went to see him in his office.  We chatted for a few minutes about some extra credit but the conversation quickly shifted to some personal stuff.  Shocked and intrigued, I went along with it to see where it would go and all of a sudden, he came out with a line that I don’t think I’ll ever forget- “A smile is a small curve that can straighten a thousand things.”  I don’t remember much of that conversation but I do remember hearing those words and literally looking down at the nameplate on his desk to make sure I was talking to the same guy.  I think he could tell that it kind of hit me pretty hard because from then on, every time walking into that class, he’d make sure to look and smile.
  • If you work at RIT and a 6 or 7 foot tiger has waved at you either Tuesday or Thursday, it was probably me inside.  As part of my job, I dressed up as the RIT mascot for some promotion of the RA position.  Best part about it is watching the people with long faces walk by, look up, see this smile tiger character, and have their outlook completely change.  For that moment, for that second when their face lights up, wearing the suit is worth it.  The weight of the tiger head goes away and the heat from the costume having zero ventilation passes.  The fact that they smile for an instant is an awesome feeling.

So if you’re reading this, do me a favor, make someone smile RIGHT NOW!  Don’t think that you can’t!  This is the internet!  There’s facebook and instant messenger and all sorts of stuff!  There’s got to be a neighbor, a friend, a coworker that you can make smile right now.  If you need to, show/send them this.  Made me laugh out loud in my office the other day and also think of how some professors have a hidden streak of genius that doesn’t get tapped into very often.


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