25 Days of Thanks- Day 15

Thankful- The Right song at the right time

This comes in two fashions:

  1. Radio Fortune Teller-  Maybe it’s bad news you got on your cell phone or a crazy decision you have to make.  You then get in your car, turn it on, and BAM!, Lullaby comes on by Shawn Mullins.  Maybe not the best song but something hits you during that “Everything’s goin’ to be alright, rockabye, rockabye…”
  2. Group of Friends in Car- Don’t Stop Believing comes on the radio and the car erupts with “Turn it up!” and all that’s going through your head is “Well, duh!” like some 13 year old valley girl

I believe in some crazy things.  Ghosts, life out there somewhere in the universe, Santa Claus (he’ll be covered in a later post)…

I don’t believe some higher power comes down at the right moment, sees that I’m listening to the radio, and changes the playlist for that station.  Songwriters are smart.  They know the emotions to play into.  They know that music becomes popular through connections.  Whether it’s a connection to the beat or a connection to the words.  I’ve had both at the right time but I’m thankful for, however it happens, that moment when you turn on the radio or change the station, and BAM!, you find just what you’re looking for to help you put a smile on your face.

Not Thankful- New York State

One group that cannot make the connection is New York State and their voting down of policies that would have helped make all people equal.  If there’s a song titled, “Pull your head out of a**”, I hope it’s played on the radio the next time you’re in your car.  I’m a Catholic who has no problem saying, please stop basing policy on about 20 words from a book that has 774,746 of them.


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