25 Days of Thanks- Day 91

Yep, it’s been 91 days since I last picked up my 25 Days of Thanks and wow, have they flown by.  Lots of good things that I’m sure will come out as I get back into writing and even some challenging things that I hope won’t tick off too many people.

Today I’m thankful for Quincy University.  Why?  Well, in a few weeks time, I will be their new Director of Residence Life and Community Standards.

Quincy is a small school with a ton of character and good things going for it that sits close to the Mississippi River in Quincy, IL.  About 1 1/2 hour north of St. Louis, I’ll soon be moving out there to take on this new position and try to continue the good direction it’s going in.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m both extremely excited and extremely nervous.  First, the excited part.  Things are happening at Quincy.  They’re building a new residence hall that I will help open.  Great students who are active, involved, and really seem connected to the university community.  Staff that took the time to welcome me not only during the interview but also after learning that I got the position.  And a small town that I think fits right into my future goals to get somewhere, set my mark, and get going with the next stage in my life.  But if I ever wanted to get away, St. Louis is a short drive and Chicago is just about as far as I drive to Albany now.

I’m mainly excited though to get to a place where I get to develop the story.  Here, unfortunately, a lot of the story has already been written.  I’d love to go to the top of the highest mountain and scream out the truth but what would that do?  Who would that benefit?  In Quincy, there’s no influence, no cover, no background information, no secrets, no second-hand information, other than the things I’ve put forward on this blog and the random, small world connections that pop up every now and again.

But I’m darn nervous.  The things people have said to me when I’ve told them have been nothing but positive.  The encouraging, motivating, “we’ll miss you”, funny, and supportive comments have eased this nervousness a lot but it’s a brand new start on a brand new journey and, this time, it’s all me.  I’m going to work hard to show my thanks for the support.  The other times I’ve taken similar steps like starting at Canisius and at NYU were all made successful by me not sitting on my butt and letting things happen around me.  Let me take this time to say thanks to those who said Hi as this geeky kid with glasses started a conversation with them.  The grown up version hopes the same good things happen out there.

So the blog needs to get back up and rolling to let you all know how things are going and how much I appreciate the support you’ve shown and will show as I take a huge step forward.

Lots of things to cover in the future including the Christmas holiday with my family, how I hope what happens at my brother’s bachelor party does not necessarily stay in Vegas, how the safety announcement on an airplane also needs to include proper treatment of the person sitting in the middle seat, and how the toughest part to this new job will be leaving the friends, colleagues, and students in this part of the country.

Thanks for reading:-)


3 Responses to “25 Days of Thanks- Day 91”

  1. Amanda Morrison Says:

    woohoo!!! Congrats Mr Spain! Let me know your info so that I can update the old resume. Hopefully I get as lucky as you and won’t need to use this updated info for a while 😀

  2. Patrick Love Says:

    Congrats on the new job! Best wishes for a successful continuation of the journey! Will you be at ACPA?

  3. Topher Says:

    Ahhhh. We definitely need everything that happens in Vegas to stay there. Unless I get a hole in one at golf on Friday. That story can be told. The rest, your lips are sealed!

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