25 Days… Number 18

8 bag of groceries slung up your arm so heavy that you can see you left hand turning purple.

1 12 pack of soda with that hand holder that is oh so close to a paper cut being held from dropping by a purple turning left hand.

3 pack of paper towels being tightly yet gently held in your left arm so that you don’t crush the cardboard tubing so much that it won’t fit in the darn holder.

And in your right hand… a 20 oz Diet Coke.

I heave everything up to the top of the stairs, put the coke down, go to my pockets on my right side….

“Nope not there”

(Checking another pocket)

“Those them, no…”

(Checking my jacket pocket)

“Are they… did I put them in my left pock…”

(Maneuver the bags so that my left pocket presses against my thigh)


I am thankful for the days I remember to put my apartment keys in the right pocket.  It’s extremely frustrating where I can’t quite do the reach around and have to put everything down in order to get at the right pocket.  I kick myself because I know I should have prepped for just this moment as I do the “beep beep” and lock my car.  You’d think I’d remember after the amount of times this happens.

It’s the little sense of accomplishment that comes from just having to put down the diet coke, reach into the pocket, keys are there, open the door, and everything in one swift motion from car to kitchen counter works perfectly.  I hope now that I’m putting this out to the world, I’ll start to remember more often.  But to my neighbors who will eventually hear the “NOOOO!!!”s and “Moth…Son of a…SERIOUSLY”s, I apologize upfront.

Thanks for reading:-)


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