One year

(11 months ago)

Blog:  Jeff…..

(This past December)

Blog: Ok, he’s going to do it… 25 days of thanks.  Going to do it this year!  Going to finish them all!  [Chanting] Jeff!  Jeff! Jeff!

(This past Christmas)

Blog:  Punk

(3 months ago)

Blog: Am I going to be deleted?

(Last week)

Blog: Come on!  So much to talk about… Europe, friends, family, birthdays, Europe, Quincy, Rochester, some idiot reporter printing false things about your Dad, meteor showers, Europe, brother’s house, sister’s closet/apartment, Dad’s record year, Mom’s momisms, awesome dinners  …  punk


Blog:  No songs you want to change the words to?  No movie scenes to write?  Everybody say it with me… punk


Jeff: It has been more than a year since my last post.  Way too long.  A lot has happened and very little has happened all at the same time.  Some topics will get covered.  Others won’t but next week I’m headed out on my second European adventure.  First one was a little bit ago in high school to Spain.  Great time with great people but I think this one may be a little more interesting.  More on that in a minute but I wanted to let you and the blog know that I’m back!  I’m excited!


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